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2016-2017 Online Catalog 
2016-2017 Online Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

AUT 202 - Automotive Electrical 2

This course will build on the basic applied electrical principles from Automotive Electrical 1, and apply them to individual systems of the automobile. A diagnostic strategy will be developed to allow the student to be able to diagnose and repair electrical problems. The horn, lighting, wiper and washer systems, and air bag will be covered as well as dash instrumentation, motorized accessories, and electronic controls within the automobile. Different electronic waveforms and the test equipment to monitor them will be discussed. Diagnostic procedures and computer flow chart diagnostics will enable the student to test electronic modules and sensors within the automobile. New electronic technology will be introduced in this phase as it is developed.
Prerequisite: AUT 121 .
Co-requisite: AUTL 202 .
3 lecture and 3 laboratory hours per week.
4 credit hours