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2023-2024 Online Catalog 
2023-2024 Online Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Medicinal Plant Chemistry, A.S.

Program Description

Option offered through Biology

The Biology degree program combines biology courses with coursework in Chemistry, Mathematics, and the Liberal Arts. The Medicinal Plant Chemistry option incorporates the biology curriculum with a generalist level knowledge of medicinal plant research, foundational knowledge of FDA, legal and policy issues, and an overview of the medicinal plant industry from the biological standpoint. This alternative provides exposure to the medicinal plant field and prepares students for transfer to baccalaureate degrees.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  • Explain the scientific method, including the reasoning process inherent in scientific inquiry, and the dynamic nature of scientific knowledge;
  • Analyze biological data;
  • Evaluate the impact of humankind and technology on the natural world and their ethical implications;
  • Utilize critical thinking skills to understand and solve biological problems, differentiating scientific fact from opinion;
  • Communicate the terminology, concepts, and principles of biology effectively in written, verbal, and electronic formats;
  • Demonstrate competency in utilizing information technology to expand their current and future knowledge;
  • Examine potential medical uses and pitfalls of medicinal plants;
  • Evaluate biological concepts related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Medicinal Plant industry.

After Union College

Graduates can take advantage of the many transfer/articulation agreements Union College has with some of the top four-year colleges and universities in the country. See a transfer advisor for details.

Recommended Sequence

First Year

Second Year

Total Program Credits: 60

Students must complete all developmental English courses before taking any credit level Biology course.

Milestone Courses

The milestones (in bold) identify critical courses for timely progress and the semester in which the course should be completed for on-time graduation.  Milestone course grades < 2.0 should be discussed with an advisor.

Career and Transfer Information