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2016-2017 Online Catalog 
2016-2017 Online Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science, A.S.

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Program Description

The Computer Science transfer degree program is designed for students who intend to continue their studies at a four-year college or university. This curriculum builds a solid theoretical and mathematical foundation needed to pursue advanced studies in computer science. Students will explore secure coding, testing and validation, computer architecture, operating systems, computational methods, analysis of algorithms, and the development of data structures. This course of study is supported by relevant mathematics, science, and general education courses. Computer scientists are problem solvers and need strong critical thinking skills to a variety of challenging problems and domains.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  • Use current techniques, skills, and tools with computer programming languages to  solve real-world problems;
  • Design, implement, test, and evaluate complete, logical programs with documentation that meet defined specifications;
  • Discuss the ethical and societal ramifications of software applications and computing technology;
  • Use written, oral, and electronic formats to effectively and professionally communicate to diverse multicultural audiences with an organization;
  • Use software methods and algorithmic thinking to design technological solutions for a variety of different fields.

After Union County College

Graduates of this program can be employed as entry-level computer programmers, engineering assistants, computer operators, or may continue their education in the computer field at a four-year degree-granting institution.

Recommended Sequence

First Year

Semester Total: 14

Spring Semester

Semester Total: 13-14

Second Year

Fall Semester

Semester Total: 17

Spring Semester

Semester Total: 16

Total Program Credits: 60-61

* MAT 171 , MAT 172  is the recommended sequence

** CHE 111  may be substituted. Check with the requirements of transfer institution.

*** Any CST course except CST 100 .

The following list is recommended: 

CST 122 Web Application Development  

CST 175 Networking Fundamentals  

CST 204 Database Management  

CST 210 Principles of Cybersecurity  

CST 212 Programming for Mobile Devices  

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