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2016-2017 Online Catalog 
2016-2017 Online Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing, Trinitas School of Nursing, A.S.

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Program Description

Students interested in receiving additional information about Trinitas School of Nursing or receiving an application should contact Union County College. The Cranford campus number is 908-709-7518; the Elizabeth campus phone number is 908-965-6050. Additional information is also available at www.trinitasschoolofnursing.org.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate professional nursing behaviors in the provision of patient-centered care;
  • Demonstrate a spirit of inquiry while applying the nursing process to provide safe, competent and contemporary care to individuals, families and groups;
  • Practice within the legal and ethical boundaries of the nursing profession;
  • Identify threats to safety and design strategies to reduce the risk of harm to individuals, families and groups across the lifespan;
  • Collaborate with members of the interprofessional team to provide and improve patient care;
  • Engage in the continuous process of lifelong learning and development within a dynamic society.

After Union County College

Graduates of these programs can either work in the Nursing/Health professions or continue their educational pursuits.

General Information

Curriculum and Curriculum Designs:

Fully accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing Inc.,and the New Jersey State Board of Nursing, the program offers a basic course of study in nursing. It provides a sound theoretical base of knowledge in nursing, biological, behavioral and social sciences and integrates this knowledge into academic and practical experiences within the health and illness continuum of client care. Utilization of a variety of health care agencies facilitates the application of all aspects of the students’ learning. The curriculum has many options from which to select in order to complete the program of study.


Students may matriculate as full-time or part-time students in the Generic or LPN to RN track. A student who pursues a minimum of 12 credit hours of academic work per semester is classified as full-time. A student who pursues less than 12 credit hours of academic work per semester is classified as part-time.

Generic students have a maximum of six years to complete the nursing program from the time of acceptance and three and one half years from the time they enroll in NURE 130 . LPN to RN students have a maximum of three years to complete the program from the time they enroll in NURE 211 /NURE 212 .

Generic Program:

The courses in the generic track are offered during the day, evening, and weekend time frames. Students have the option of taking day, evening and weekend college courses

General education, science, and humanities courses may be taken at the Elizabeth, Plainfield or Cranford campuses of Union County College while nursing courses are offered at the School of Nursing on the Elizabeth campus. All students are subject to the same school policies and academic regulations.

RN Completion Track for Licensed Practical Nurses

The RN completion evening track is specifically designed for Licensed Practical Nurses who wish to further their nursing education within a realistic time frame. Custom designed courses build on existing knowledge, skills, and strengths and provide an opportunity to pursue career goals without undue repetition of previous learning.

Graduates of the Program

Graduates of the program are eligible to take the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX) for registered nurse licensure. Upon licensure graduates may seek employment in the nursing/ health care field or continue their educational pursuits.

Admission Requirements

Generic Track:

  • Graduation from an accredited high school or a Graduate Equivalency Diploma (GED)
  • High school biology and chemistry
  • Completion of College Placement test

LPN to RN Track:

  • Graduation from an accredited School of Practical Nursing
  • Current LPN License
  • Completion of College Placement test
  • GPA 2.5

Curriculum Designs:

Keyboarding and computer skills are required competencies prior to entrance into the first nursing course.

ADM 110 - Health Care Computer Skills , is a course offered to assist students to develop these competencies, and is a prerequisite for NURE 130  and NURE 211 /NURE 212  .

A challenge examination is available for ADM 110 . Students should be proficient in keyboarding and the current version of Word and PowerPoint. Challenge examinations are given once a month with additional dates two weeks prior to the start of every semester.

Refer to the Challenge Examination section in the Union County College catalog for the challenge examination policy. For examination dates and additional information regarding the ADM 110  challenge examination, please call the Division Dean at 908-709-7510.

Recommended Sequence

Generic Curriculum

Day and Evening Divisions

NURE 130  is offered during the Fall, Spring, and Summer Sessions. NURE 131 , NURE 132 , NURE 231 , and NURE 232  are offered during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Semester Total: 15

Spring Semester

Semester Total: 15

Fall Semester

Semester Total: 15

Spring Semester

Semester Total: 14

Fall Semester

Semester Total: 16

Credit Allocation:

Nursing Credits: 38

General Education Credits: 37

Total Program Credits: 75

A total of 75 credits for a professional nursing program is within the standard of professional nursing programs. In NJ the range of total credits for Associate Degree and Diploma programs is 67-75 credits.

LPN to RN Curriculum

RN Completion Program for LPNS:

NURE courses are offered in the evening in this division.


Credit Allocation:

Nursing Credits: 38

General Education Credits: 37

Total Program Credits: 75

A minimum of six (6) students must be registered in order to run a section of a clinical nursing course. Exceptions may be made for NURE 232  and NURE 290 /NURE 291 .

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