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2017-2018 Online Catalog 
2017-2018 Online Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NURM 119 - Introduction to Nursing

(To be taken in the semester immediately prior to NURM 121 ) This course is designed to provide the student nurse with the knowledge necessary for registered nurse practice. The role of the accountable, responsible registered nurse is explored through such topics as the profession of nursing, its historical perspectives and Orem’s Self Care Deficit Theory. Emphasis is placed on the nursing process, evidence-based practice and the critical thinking necessary for practice. Integrated throughout the course are concepts and issues that relate to nursing practice: the nurse patient relationship, effective communication, self-care and wellness, culture, teaching and learning, nutrition and current ethical and legal considerations. The theory base provided for in this course will be built upon and applied in subsequent nursing courses.
Co-requisites: NURM 100 , BIO 105 , CHE 114 , ENG 101 ; GPA 2.0.
3 lecture hours.
3 credit hours.