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2023-2024 Online Catalog 
2023-2024 Online Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Sport Management, A.S.

Program Description

The program at Union College has a solid foundation of business, computers, and liberal arts courses. This permits more options with the greatest potential for professional development in terms of job responsibilities and monetary compensation. It provides students with opportunities to develop what most business employers perceive as entry-level skills (e.g., public speaking, writing for business, and general economics). It also introduces students to financial accounting, marketing, and legal issues applicable to the industry.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of the aspects of finance, human resources, marketing, budgeting, career exploration, and resume writing to sport management;
  • Explain how sports impact local, national and international affairs;
  • Analyze the sociological, legal, financial, and historical influences on the field of sport management;
  • Communicate effectively in writing, verbal, or electronic formats to a diverse, multicultural audience in the field of sport management;
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively manage information using library and electronic resources to solve complex problems in the study of sport management;
  • Apply critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and quantitative reasoning skills to understand and resolve issues in sport management;
  • Evaluate the various issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the field of Sport Management. 

After Union College

Graduates of this program may work in one of the many areas of this rapidly growing industry.

Students may also transfer to a college or university that offers a bachelor’s degree in Sport Management.

Recommended Sequence

First Year

Second Year

Total Program Credits: 60

*Students planning to transfer may take COM 101  or ECO 201 .

Students should ascertain from the transfer institution which course is preferred.

Milestone Courses

The milestones (in bold) identify critical courses for timely progress and the semester in which the course should be completed for on-time graduation.  Milestone course grades < 2.0 should be discussed with an advisor.

Career and Transfer Information