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2019-2020 Online Catalog 
2019-2020 Online Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NURM 241 - Accelerated Nursing – Summer

NURM 241 explores the role of the accountable, registered nurse as it relates to the delivery of evidence- based care to the childbearing and childrearing family and patients experiencing commonly occurring psychological and psycho-social deviations. Ethical/legal, nutritional, pharmacological, developmental, psychological and sociological concepts related to meeting the nursing needs of patients are integrated. Emphasis is placed on teaching/learning principles and the development of therapeutic communication techniques within the nurse-patient relationship. Laboratory experiences are provided in parent/child inpatient and community settings and also at behavioral and adult health care facilities. This is a condensed summer course.
Prerequisites: NURM 141  
Co-requisite: NRML 241  
8.2 lecture hours and 20.5 laboratory hours per week
11 credit hours