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2019-2020 Online Catalog 
2019-2020 Online Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Early Childhood Elementary Education, Suggested Grades Pre-K-3, A.A.

Program Description

Option offered through Liberal Arts

For students who wish to prepare themselves for an Associate degree or wish to transfer and earn a baccalaureate degree in Early Childhood Education or Elementary Education.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of psychological concepts to the learning behavior of children from Pre-K to Grade 3;
  • Analyze the characteristics of effective teaching behaviors and “best practices” in the teaching profession;
  • Describe the organization and funding of school systems;
  • Describe the roles of teachers, students, parents, administrators, and teacher associations in the U.S.;
  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing;
  • Demonstrate the skills and motivation for continued self-education;
  • Demonstrate the ability to access and utilize various sources of information such as the library and the internet;
  • Develop skill in quantitative and scientific reasoning.

After Union County College

Graduates of this program will transfer to a four-year college or university for a baccalaureate degree to work with students in early childhood education.

Recommended Sequence

First Year

Fall Semester

Semester Total: 16

Semester Total: 16

Second Year

Semester Total: 16

Spring Semester

Semester Total: 12

Total Program Credits: 60

Milestone Courses

The milestones (in bold) identify critical courses for timely progress and the semester in which the course should be completed for on-time graduation.  Milestone course grades < 2.0 should be discussed with an advisor.

Career and Transfer Information