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2019-2020 Online Catalog 
2019-2020 Online Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Game Design and Development, A.A.S.

Program Description

Game Design and Development is a comprehensive two-year program leading to an Associate in Applied Science degree. The program introduces students to a variety of programming, digital art and animation, and game development concepts. Students learn the concepts of gameplay, graphics programming, artificial intelligence, and game algorithms. Students also gain an understanding of the connection between game design with physics and mathematics. For better design, students are also required to successfully complete fine arts courses. The program provides students with the skills necessary for entry-level positions in the game development industry.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  • Define game design and development terminology and processes;
  • Discuss business and legal concepts related to the game development industry;
  • Use a modern professional game engine to develop game prototypes;
  • Demonstrate digital art and animation techniques in game design and development;
  • Apply software methods and algorithms to design technological solutions in game development;
  • Combine graphical and technical methods to produce aesthetic solutions for interactive games;
  • Communicate effectively in writing, verbal, and electronic formats.

After Union County College

Graduates can apply for entry-level positions in the fields of Game Design and Game Development, or may transfer to four-year colleges or universities in Game Design or a similar degree program.

Recommended Sequence

First Year

Second Year

Total Program Credits: 60

* A higher level math course may be substituted. Division approval is required.

Milestone Courses

The milestones (in bold) identify critical courses for timely progress and the semester in which the course should be completed for on-time graduation.  Milestone course grades < 2.0 should be discussed with an advisor.

Career and Transfer Information